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Global Leader in the Container House, Caravan and Camping Tent Industry

WZHG Group was established in China in 2001 and has quickly become a major supplier of products for outdoor camping. We produce awesome container house, camping trailers, hybrid caravans and camping tents in huge numbers!

We are a global leader in the caravanning industry. We design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of products. Our revolutionary range of camping trailers and hybrids are market leaders in Australia, the USA and Europe.

At WZHG we pride ourselves on invention, innovation, development and continuous progress. “Design …… Innovate …… Improvement”. Years of dedication to design, innovation and improvement in the RV accessory market is the spirit that underpins WZHG.

Our design principles are to make stylish, likeable products that are easy to use, ergonomic and make people want to use them all the time, get out into nature and enjoy the good life.

Whether you are a dealer or a consumer, we have the products, capabilities and manpower to provide you with perfect, effortless service.

our mission

Experience adventures with ease and be rewarded with irreplaceable memories.

our values

As a world-renowned leader in outdoor product makers, we promote quality service to our customers.


Users first is our original intention to start a business.


Innovation and progress is the driving force of our development.

Maintaining Responsibility

Maintaining responsibility makes me treat every product with care.


Teamwork is the core of our business.

Focus on Quality

Focus on quality to go farther.

Always efficient

Always be efficient and do not let every customer.

The founder of Weizhengheng Limited, Mr. Meng, endured a challenging upbringing, living with a family of five in a cramped 20-square-meter house. This experience ignited his determination to improve living conditions. Choosing to study architecture, he established Weizhengheng in 2001.

01 Our Products

Weizhengheng specializes in manufacturing container houses (expansion containers, package containers, foldable containers, sea shipping modified containers, coffee houses, etc.) and steel structures. Since 2007, we have expanded our market internationally, forging strong partnerships with clients in over 100 countries.

02 New Opportunities

In 2019, we established a motorhome factory, named "On the Road RV" (OTR), offering four series: Black Rhino, Black Rhino Jr, Comma, and Base Camp. We've assembled a professional team with over a decade of experience, dedicated to providing OEM and ODM services to our clients.

03 Service and Collaboration

With innovative design and a flexible sampling process, we offer fast and high-quality services and products to major motorhome brands. Since OTR's inception, we have received praise from renowned international motorhome brands and have established strategic partnerships with some clients.

04 Diversification

In 2020, influenced by global circumstances, outdoor camping has surged in popularity. Consequently, we promptly established 171 Outdoor, a company specializing in outdoor products. Besides supporting our existing customers, we are increasingly expanding our footprint in the residential sector, offering a wide range of outdoor products and comprehensive services.

05 Innature, Embracing Nature

As all our products are closely related to living and our clients' needs overlap, we have consolidated all these brand lines into a single website for convenient one-stop shopping. "Innature" signifies harmony with nature. Through high-quality products, we aim to improve people's lifestyles, bringing them closer to the great outdoors.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for excellence, trust, innovation, and unmatched convenience. Elevate your experience with our top-quality solutions.

innature why choose us

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Sydeny, New South Wales, Australia
Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

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