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270 Degree Freestanding Vehicle Mounted Awning


Enhance your outdoor adventures with our premier Granny Flat Kits’ Wraptor 6K, the ultimate FREESTANDING awning for expansive shade coverage, ideal even for the size of a Sprinter van. Experience effortless deployment and robust protection, designed for the wanderlust-driven spirit!
Expansive Shade and Easy Use
  • The Wraptor 6K stands proud as our largest awning, offering a generous shade area of approximately 130 square feet, accommodating large gatherings and vehicles.
  • A seamless setup process invites you to simply unzip, unfold, and secure, transforming any space into a sheltered oasis in under a minute.
Uncompromised Durability
  • Crafted from waterproof 280G ripstop canvas, the Wraptor 6K promises durability and lasting protection against the elements.
  • The structure is fortified with additional hinged arms at the front, boosting its stability and coverage.
Adjustable and Resilient
  • Adjustable poles reach a commanding height of 8 feet 6 inches, ensuring stability even when the wind picks up, making it a trustworthy companion for diverse terrain and weather conditions.
Compact and Convenient
  • The awning, when packed, measures 91 inches in length, integrating neatly with your vehicle without compromising on functionality.
  • Velcro edges simplify the attachment of walls or accessories, thus enhancing its utility and versatility.
Smart Design Features
  • Strategic mounting is key; with the rear mounted to extend beyond the vehicle’s back, allowing 270-degree coverage when swung open.
  • The mounting process is made effortless with U-bolts accommodating round bars or direct-to-roof-rack bolts, ensuring secure and reliable installation.
Orientation Options
  • Select from PASSENGER or DRIVER side mount to suit your vehicle’s configuration.
  • Consider the direction of your rear door swing when choosing; typically, a DRIVER side mount is suggested for vehicles with a passenger-side swinging door.
Videos for Visual Guidance
  • Overland Bound offers an insightful review of the Wraptor 6K Watch Review.
  • An installation tutorial is available for a step-by-step guide Watch Install Video.
Our Wraptor 6K stands as the premium choice for full-size SUVs, vans, and trucks, promising an upgrade to your excursion that combines convenience, comfort, and robust performance. Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or roadside resting, this awning is tailored for your full-scale adventure. Choose the Wraptor 6K for a transformative experience in how you interact with the great outdoors.


Dive into the heart of outdoor leisure with our game-changing awning, tailored for nature enthusiasts seeking versatility and resilience. Whether for serene relaxation or as a shelter against the elements, our awning is an indispensable addition to your gear, meticulously designed to optimize your open-air experience.
Versatile Mounting
  • Left or right side versions available, providing flexibility to suit your vehicle’s design and your preferences for setup.
  • Awning is adaptable with most square or round tube racks/crossbars, including complimentary U-bolts that accommodate up to 1.5″ sizes.
Robust Materials
  • Constructed from 280gsm poly-cotton rip-stop material, our awning is the epitome of water resistance and durability.
  • Engineered to resist tears and rips, the canvas remains a steadfast companion through your journeys.
Strong Framework
  • Rigidity is assured with the inclusion of strong support poles and guy lines, offering a sturdy retreat in adverse weather.
  • An enhanced frame utilizing rigid outer poles ensures the awning stands unwavering against rain and wind.
Easy and Protected Transportation
  • The robust 1200gsm PVC transit cover with a heavy-duty YKK zipper safeguards the awning when on the move.
  • Efficiently designed for transportation, the cover protects the canvas from the environment and potential wear during travel.
Intelligent Design Elements
  • Hole spacing designed for a 4.5″ (115mm) awning backing plate to the mounting bracket, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Weighing in at a substantial 61 pounds, our awning promotes stability and gives assurance of its quality build.
Enhanced Accessories
  • Optional 200 Denier walls that can be purchased separately, providing customizable additional protection and privacy.
Considerations for Use
  • While our awning promises large coverage, it is essential to utilize guy lines in windy conditions to prevent damage, as the awning is sizeable enough to catch significant wind.
Comprehensive Value
  • Rest easy knowing the price encompasses shipping to the Continental US, streamlining your purchase process without hidden costs.
Esteemed for its quality, resilience, and comprehensive features, our awning empowers your outdoor stays, from tranquil rests in the wilderness to dynamic group gatherings. Championing ease of use, protection, and a firm stance against the unpredictable nature of the outdoors, it becomes more than just an accessory – it’s an extension of your adventurous spirit.


Excitement and anticipation fill the air as adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike share their experiences with the Wraptor 6K awning, a marvel in the realm of outdoor gear. Each review paints a vivid picture of a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, bringing a new level of comfort and convenience to camping trips, overlanding excursions, and outdoor gatherings.
Delight in User Experience
Luis Lopez, among the first to share his excitement, looks forward to enhancing his camping adventures with the Wraptor 6K, highlighting the product’s immediate impact on his outdoor planning. Similarly, Jim Clabaugh praises the seamless transaction process, hinting at a customer-focused approach even beyond the product itself.
Ease of Installation and Quality
Ease of installation emerges as a consistent theme, with Sawyer Phelps and Marco R. celebrating the awning’s simple setup and sturdy construction. Derek M.’s mention of exceptional customer service further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to satisfaction and support.
Tailored to Your Needs
For owners of specific vehicle models, like Connor with his 4Runner, the Wraptor 6K presents unique challenges. However, the overriding sentiment remains positive, focusing on the awning’s quality and the adjustments available to ensure a perfect fit.
Comprehensive Coverage and Durability
Spacious coverage and robust build quality capture the attention of happy campers like Ryan W., Daniel Kuffel, and Frank Guerrini, who share visuals and affirm the awning’s transformative effect on their outdoor spaces.
Customer Engagement and Responsiveness
Overland Pros’ proactive customer service shines through in numerous accounts, from prompt responses to inquiries to addressing shipping mix-ups efficiently, as Paul M.’s experience reflects. Their dedication to resolving issues and maintaining open lines of communication instills confidence in both prospective and current customers.
Innovation and Improvement Calls
Despite the glowing reviews, customers like David Clemenson and Gary B. offer constructive feedback on aspects like the transit cover’s durability and the desire for clearer installation instructions. Such insight is invaluable, providing the company with direct user feedback for future enhancements.
The collective feedback encapsulates a journey of product excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. The Wraptor 6K, through its expansive shade, durability, and ease of use, coupled with Overland Pros’ dedication to their clientele, stands as a beacon for quality in the outdoor accessory market. A testament to innovation and customer-centric approach, the Wraptor 6K is not just an awning; it’s a gateway to enriched outdoor adventures.
Introducing the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning: a marvel of modern camping gear designed to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights of convenience, safety, and unimpeded enjoyment. This revolutionary awning is meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic needs of adventurers, families, and solo wanderers alike. Let’s delve into the features that set this awning apart and explain why it’s an indispensable addition to your outdoor equipment.
Unrivaled Simplicity and Speed of Deployment
The Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning redefines ease of use. Its innovative design allows for incredibly swift setup and pack-up, all achievable by a single person in mere seconds. Forget the days of wrestling with poles, pegs, or guy ropes. This awning stands proud on its own, eliminating the need for external support and simplifying your arrival and departure processes.
Unobstructed Enjoyment and Enhanced Safety
The absence of traditional awning supports opens up your campsite like never before. Without poles or ropes to navigate around, you and your family can move freely, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. This design feature is especially beneficial for families with children, offering a safer environment where kids can play without the hazard of tripping over guy lines.
Perfect for Every Scenario
Whether you’re embarking on a solo journey, adventuring with friends, or taking the family out for a weekend in nature, the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning adapts to every situation. Its comprehensive coverage offers a substantial sheltered area, ideal for gatherings, meals, or simply enjoying some peaceful shade. The freedom to walk around the perimeter of the awning encourages more interaction and enjoyment of the surrounding scenery.
Designed for Durability
Crafted from high-quality materials, the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning is built to endure the elements. Whether facing intense sun, wind, or rain, this awning stands as a reliable refuge. Its materials are selected for their robustness, ensuring your investment is protected against wear and tear over time.
Effortless Integration and Compatibility
Easily attachable to a variety of vehicles, the awning offers versatility in its use. Whether you’re driving a small SUV or a large camper van, the design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning without compatibility issues. This universality makes it a favorite among a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.
A Step Towards Sustainable Camping
By reducing the need for additional accessories like pegs and ropes, which often get lost or abandoned in nature, this awning encourages a more sustainable approach to camping. It’s a small step towards minimizing our footprint and preserving the natural beauty that we all venture out to enjoy.
In conclusion, the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning represents a leap forward in outdoor gear, combining ease of use with functionality, safety, and comprehensive coverage. Its revolutionary design not only enhances the camping experience but also ensures that adventures are as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Embrace the freedom and simplicity of the Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning on your next outdoor journey.
The Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning stands as a testament to enduring engineering and the pursuit of perfecting outdoor shelter solutions. A culmination of ten years’ worth of research and development, the awning’s design considers the complexities and challenges of diverse outdoor environments and the harsh conditions that adventurers often face.
Pinnacle of Robust Design and Material Selection
Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, the awning’s frame promises a robust structure without compromising on weight. This careful balance ensures that the awning remains both transportable for long journeys and resilient against the ravaging effects of the weather. The aluminum construction inherently resists corrosion, an essential attribute for longevity, especially in moist or saline conditions commonly encountered in outdoor adventures.
Stainless Steel Reinforcement for Enhanced Durability
The awning’s durability is further accentuated by the use of 304 grade stainless steel bracketry. Known for its high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, this grade of stainless steel ensures that the awning’s critical connection points maintain structural integrity over time. No matter the destination, from salt-sprayed coastlines to humid rainforests, this choice of material stands up to the challenge.
Rugged Truss System Design
At the heart of the awning’s strength lies the rugged truss system. This design not only imparts superior stability to the awning but also distributes weight and tension evenly throughout the structure. The truss system absorbs and mitigates the stress exerted by wind and the elements, reinforcing the awning’s ability to confront the unpredictable nature of outdoor settings.
An Epitome of Enhanced Structural Integrity
The Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning is a product that embodies strength and lightweight convenience. It’s meticulously engineered to offer peace of mind so that adventurers can focus on the experience rather than worry about the reliability of their equipment.
A Foundation for Limitless Adventures
This awning is not just an accessory but a foundation upon which countless expeditions are built. It allows adventurers to push boundaries, secure in the knowledge that they have a reliable, sturdy haven awaiting them at the end of each day. From remote desert vistas to secluded mountain retreats, the Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning is your stalwart companion, enabling and enhancing your connection with the great outdoors.
Experience unparalleled protection in all weather conditions with the Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning. It’s not just an awning – it’s a formidable shield against the elements, ensuring that your outdoor escapades are never hindered by the whims of the weather.
Waterproof Assurance
Crafted with a robust 280gsm Ripstop Canvas, the fabric is the bulwark of the awning. Its interwoven pattern prevents tears from spreading, making it ideal for withstanding sudden gusts or accidental snags that accompany outdoor environments. The heavy-weight canvas is treated to be fully waterproof, so rain showers or even downpours won’t dampen your spirits or your gear. Now, whether you’re enjoying a tranquil evening by the lake or facing unexpected rainfall, you stay dry and comfortable as you gather beneath this sturdy shelter.
Superior Sun Protection
When the sun is relentless, the Adventure Kings Awning steps up. With a UPF50+ rating, it’s like having a high-factor sunscreen barrier for your camping space, providing exceptional protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. This high UPF rating means that you can enjoy the brightest days, knowing that you and your loved ones are shielded from overexposure to the sun’s radiation, reducing your risk of sunburn and providing a cooler, shaded haven to relax in.
Ventilation and Breathability
Despite its heavy-duty canvas, the awning is designed to maintain airflow, ensuring that the shelter is not only dry and shaded but also comfortably ventilated. Even on hot days, the air circulates effectively under the canopy, reducing heat accumulation and allowing for a refreshing outdoor experience.
Enduring All-Season Protection
This awning embodies durability regardless of the season. It’s not just an accessory for summer outings; it’s a year-round fortress. The weatherproof nature of the Awning makes it equally adept for spring’s unpredictability, summer’s brilliance, autumn’s transition, and even winter’s chill.
Ready for the Unexpected
Adventures are often filled with surprises, and the Weatherproof Awning is designed to embrace that unpredictability. So whether you find yourself in a sudden hailstorm or sheltering from the midday heat wave, the Adventure Kings Awning remains unfaltering.
Fusing the practicality of weather-resistance with the technicality of sun protection, the Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning is an essential companion for anyone passionate about the outdoors. Enjoy the confidence to venture further and the freedom to set camp wherever your heart desires, with the assurance that you’ll be covered, come rain or shine.
Elevate your outdoor shelter experience with the addition of the Adventure Kings Awning Wall and the Awning Wall with Door—custom-designed accessories intended to augment the versatile 270° Free-Standing Awning.
Seamless Integration for Greater Shelter
The Awning Wall is not merely an addition; it’s a seamless integration designed to compliment the curve and contour of the 270° Free-Standing Awning. The attachment process is effortless, with a design that accommodates the quick mounting and dismounting of the walls. Once in place, these walls serve as robust barriers against wind and rain, while also providing extra insulation during colder weather, creating a cozier and more protected environment.
Privacy and Sectioning with Ease
Privacy in the outdoors is often a rare commodity, but with the Adventure Kings Awning Wall, you can create your secluded haven with ease. This makes it the perfect solution for changing clothes, setting up a toilet area, or just having a space away from prying eyes. It’s like adding a private room to your open-air abode, enhancing the comfort and usability of your campsite.
Convenient Access with the Awning Wall with Door
The Awning Wall with Door takes functionality a step further by incorporating a zippered door section. This feature provides convenient entry and exit without the need to remove entire wall sections, maintaining the structural integrity of your shelter while offering easy access. The door also features additional ties and zippers, allowing it to be securely fastened when privacy or protection from the elements is needed.
Versatile Configuration Options
Both the Awning Wall and the Awning Wall with Door are designed for versatility. Depending on your needs, you can configure them to cover a single side or wrap around the awning for full enclosure. This means that no matter the direction of the sun, wind, or rain, you can adjust your setup for optimal protection and comfort.
Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials
Constructed with the same attention to quality as the Free-Standing Awning, these walls are made from durable materials that withstand the various moods of nature. Coupled with the awning, they create a formidable shield, extending the longevity of your outdoor setup and ensuring that your investment lasts through countless adventures.
Enhanced Space Utility
With these walls, the utility of your outdoor space is significantly enhanced. They provide additional square footage under your awning for storage of gear, setting up camp kitchens, or just as an area for relaxation away from the elements.
Compact and Portable
Despite the added protection and privacy, these walls are designed to be compact and lightweight when packed away. They do not compromise the portable nature of your camping setup and are easily carried along with your awning to anywhere your journey leads you.
The Adventure Kings Awning Wall and Awning Wall with Door are practical, elegant solutions that enrich your camping experience, offering both protection and the luxury of privacy. They are ideal complements to the Free-Standing Awning, ensuring that no matter where your adventures take you, comfort and shelter are never in short supply.
270 freestanding awning
270 freestanding awning
Attaining top-tier outdoor shelter doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. The Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning exemplifies remarkable value, blending uncompromised quality with affordability. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to making the great outdoors accessible to all adventure enthusiasts.
Financially Accessible without Compromise
Adventure Kings understands that the call of the wild resonates with many, regardless of their budget. Therefore, they’ve taken strides to offer a product that balances cost-effective materials with efficient manufacturing processes, passing on the savings directly to you. This approach ensures that the durability and reliability you require for your outdoor pursuits are not restricted by a steep price.
Invest in Experiences, Not Just Gear
With one of the most competitive price points on the market, the 270° Free-Standing Awning allows adventurers to allocate their funds towards experiences rather than expenditure on gear. The money saved can go towards that extra excursion, extend your camping trip, or even fund the next set of essential camping accessories for your collection.
Long-Term Savings
The robust construction of the awning equates to longevity. By investing in the Adventure Kings Awning, you’re not only making a purchase for the present but securing a reliable piece of equipment for the long haul. When gear doesn’t need to be replaced frequently, the long-term savings become substantial.
All-Round Quality and Functionality
Affordability doesn’t mean a reduction in features or quality. The awning still boasts a heavy-duty Ripstop Canvas for durability, UPF50+ sun protection, and a waterproof guarantee, making it a smart, all-inclusive choice for shelter. The comprehensive design ensures that you have all the functionality required for a wide range of environmental conditions.
Inclusive Outdoor Lifestyle
Adventure Kings aims to promote an inclusive outdoor lifestyle by providing products that are accessible to a broader audience. The 270° Free-Standing Awning embodies this vision, ensuring that more people can enjoy the benefits of high-quality outdoor equipment without the financial strain.
No Hidden Costs
Transparent pricing means you won’t encounter unexpected costs. The awning comes as a fully integrated system designed to stand alone without needing costly add-ons for basic function, ensuring that the price you see aligns with the value you receive.
A Worthwhile Investment
For those new to camping or looking to upgrade without overspending, the awning represents a wise investment. Its affordability fosters a more welcoming entry point for novices while offering seasoned adventurers a cost-effective upgrade path.
In sum, the Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning serves as an emblem of unrivaled value in the outdoor market. Its affordability, combined with the full spectrum of features, proves that high-quality outdoor protection can be both excellent and economically viable. With the Adventure Kings Awning, embracing nature and pursuing adventure is an opportunity open to all, free from financial constraints.
The Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning already stands out for its remarkable resilience and protective qualities against the elements. To elevate its stability and durability further, especially in rough weather conditions, the awning is accompanied by strategically designed awning straps and pegs. This inclusion not only adds to the awning’s robustness but also brings an added layer of peace of mind for the user.
Enhanced Stability in Diverse Conditions
The awning straps are crafted to provide additional reinforcement, securing the awning against strong winds and unexpected weather fluctuations. These high-tensile straps can be easily attached to the awning and then anchored to the ground using the heavy-duty pegs. This dual-component system works synergistically to distribute the stress caused by wind, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring that your shelter remains steadfast.
Durability That Lasts
Both the awning straps and pegs are made from durable materials, designed to withstand the harshness of outdoor environments. The pegs, crafted from high-grade steel, ensure deep earth penetration for a secure anchorage, while the straps are made from weather-resistant fabric that can endure prolonged exposure to the sun and rain without degradation. This durability ensures that your awning’s stability is maintained, trip after trip.
Adaptability to Varied Terrains
Whether you’re setting up camp on sandy beaches, rocky grounds, or grassy plains, the awning straps and pegs adjust to various terrains. This versatility means that no matter where your adventures take you, you can confidently deploy your awning, knowing it’s well-equipped to handle the specific challenges of the ground beneath it.
Easy Installation for User Convenience
Designed with user convenience in mind, the awning straps and pegs are simple to install. Even if you’re a camping novice, the straightforward setup process ensures that you can quickly and efficiently secure your awning without requiring specialized tools or extensive knowledge. This ease of use significantly enhances the camping experience, allowing more time to be spent on enjoying the great outdoors.
Portable and Lightweight
Despite their strength and utility, the awning straps and pegs are lightweight and easily portable. They come with a compact carrying case, ensuring they don’t add unnecessary weight to your gear or take up too much space. This portability means you’re more likely to carry them on every trip, always prepared for whatever weather conditions you might encounter.
A Worthwhile Investment for Peace of Mind
The inclusion of awning straps and pegs with the Adventure Kings 270° Free-Standing Awning represents a thoughtful approach to outdoor equipment design. By providing these accessories, Adventure Kings ensures that adventurers can face challenging weather conditions with confidence, knowing their shelter is secure. It’s not just about the physical reinforcement these accessories provide but also the mental comfort in knowing that you’re well-prepared for the unpredictability of nature.
In essence, the awning straps and pegs are not just accessories; they are essential components that elevate the awning’s functionality, durability, and reliability. For adventurers who value peace of mind, these additions ensure that the 270° Free-Standing Awning is not just a shelter but a dependable bastion against the capriciousness of the weather.
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