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5x9m wooden structure luxury camping safari tent for holiday hotel tent camping

In today’s age of unique holiday experiences, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional way of travelling. And in an age where intimacy with nature is increasingly appreciated, camping has become a popular choice. However, for those travellers who wish to enjoy a luxurious experience while camping, traditional tents may not be able to meet their needs. Now, a new concept is emerging: the 5×9 metre wooden structure luxury tent for a new resort camping experience.

hotel tent

Hotel tent combines the traditional camping experience with modern luxury elements to give you a holiday experience like no other. Firstly, let’s take a look at the specifications of this tent: at 5×9 metres, it is spacious enough to accommodate an entire family or a small group of friends, giving you plenty of room to move around during your camping trip. The wooden structure not only increases the stability and durability of the tent, but also brings you a sense of being closer to nature.

Hotel Tent Product Description

  1. LUXURY FACILITIES: The interior of the tent is equipped with comfortable beds, soft bedding and cosy lighting to provide you with a first class stay. In addition, the fully equipped bathroom allows you to relax and enjoy.
  2. NATURAL FUSION: Featuring a wooden structure, this tent not only offers excellent stability and durability, but also brings a feeling of being close to nature. In this tent, you can connect more closely with nature and enjoy its wonders.
  3. PRIVATE SPACE: Spacious enough to accommodate an entire family or a small group of friends, the 5×9 metre is spacious enough to give you plenty of space and privacy during your camping trip. Ideal for spending quality time with the family or catching up with friends.
  4. Outdoor terrace: The tents also have an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery or a romantic evening under the stars. This terrace is the perfect place to get in touch with nature.
  5. RESORT ADVANTAGE: In addition, this tent is located in a resort hotel, allowing you to enjoy the various services and facilities offered by the resort at the same time, such as swimming pools, restaurants, spa and so on, making your holiday experience more colourful.

This luxury tent is truly an ideal holiday destination, and in addition to its striking structural upgrades, it offers a range of comfort amenities that will make you feel at home and cosy even in the midst of nature. Let’s explore these amenities in more depth and experience the convenience and pleasure they bring to holiday living.
Firstly, soft and comfortable beds. Inside this luxury tent, you’ll find beds made from the finest materials that provide invigorating comfort. Whether you are returning from a day of exploring nature or need to rest after a long hike, these soft and cosy beds will make you feel at home and comfortable.
Next, cosy lighting. The interior of the tent has been designed with cosy lighting ambience in mind, creating a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Whether you are reading a good book during your evening rest or spending quality time with your family and friends under the hazy light, the cosy light will bring you pleasure and comfort.
Furthermore, a fully equipped bathroom. This luxury tent comes with a fully-equipped bathroom, so you can enjoy bathing in the middle of nature. A hot shower, soft towels and a variety of toiletries provide you with a comfortable bathing experience that will keep you fresh and comfortable throughout your journey.
Moreover, the tent features an outdoor terrace. This terrace is a unique and wonderful place where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and feel the charm of nature. During the day, you can relax here and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, while at night, you can look up at the starry sky and share romantic moments with your lover or friends.

Product Arrangement

hotel tent

  1. Soft and comfortable beds:
    • The beds are made with high quality mattresses and soft bedding to ensure that you are provided with the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience.
    • The beds are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing enough support and comfort to make you feel at home in nature.
  2. Warm Lights:
    • The lighting setup inside the tent is carefully designed to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
    • Different lighting options are available to meet your different needs, whether you are reading, resting or partying, you will get the right lighting.
  3. Fully equipped bathroom:
    • The bathrooms are equipped with modern shower facilities, providing hot water and a variety of toiletries to ensure that you can enjoy the convenience of bathing even in the midst of nature.
    • The bathrooms are designed to be comfortable and spacious, allowing you to relax and enjoy a private, cosy time bathing.
  4. Outdoor Terrace:
    • The tent features a spacious outdoor terrace for you to enjoy the surrounding nature and fresh air.
    • From the terrace, you can enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of nature during the day, while at night you can immerse yourself under the starry sky for a sense of tranquillity and romance.

These comforts have been meticulously considered to meet your every need during your holiday, providing you with a cosy and comfortable holiday experience. Book now for a holiday filled with luxury and comfort!

To both nature and a modern hotel, thus making the most of your holiday experience. Firstly, the fact that the tents are located within the resort means that you have easy access to all the services and facilities that the resort has to offer. Whether you want to take a dip in the pool, savour a meal at a fine restaurant or relax in the spa, the resort offers attentive service and a first-class experience. Such amenities make your holiday easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. Secondly, the location of the tents enables you to explore the surrounding natural landscape with ease. Whether you join the outdoor activities organised by the resort or explore the surrounding nature on your own, you will be able to experience the charm of nature first hand. During the day, you can explore the forest on foot and enjoy the beauty of the lakes; at night, you can gaze up at the stars from the terrace outside your tent and experience the tranquillity and mystery of nature.

In addition to this, this type of tent offers you a unique and private holiday experience. In a tent within the resort, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some quality time alone with your family or friends. The environment around the tent is quiet and peaceful, allowing you to let go of all your worries and immerse yourself in nature.
In addition, the tents are set up with your privacy and comfort in mind. The individual spaces are designed to allow you to relax and enjoy your unique holiday inside the tent. Compared to traditional hotel rooms, the special design of the tents allows you to feel complete privacy and independence, giving you unparalleled freedom and comfort during your holiday.
Last but not least, the tents come with a full range of facilities and services. In addition to comfortable beds and fully equipped bathrooms, the tents also offer exclusive room service, so you can enjoy the hotel’s attentive care and attention at all times. Whether it’s a delicious room service meal or personalised travel arrangements, we can cater to your every need and make your holiday experience perfect.

Product Parameters

hotel tent

Size: 5*9*4 / 45㎡
Indoor size: 4.5*6.4*2.8 / 28.8㎡
Color: Dark Khaki
Outer cover material: 420g cotton canvas fabric
Inner cover material: 360g cotton canvas fabric
Water proof: Water resistant pressure (WP7000)
UV proof: UV proof (UV50+)
Structure: Ф80mm synthesize anticorrosion wood
Wind Load: 88km/h
Connecting pipe: Ф86mm stainless steel pipe
Door: 1 doors with zipper mesh
Window: 9 windows with zipper mesh
Accessories: Stainless steel bolt and nail, plastic buckle, wind ropes etc,

Safari Tent Product Details

hotel tent

Inner cover:
360g cotton canvas fabric
Water resistant pressure (WP5000)
UV proof (UV50+)
flame retardant (US CPAI-84 standard)
mould proof

hotel tent

Outer cover:
420g cotton canvas fabric
Water resistant pressure (WP7000)
UV proof (UV50+)
flame retardant (US CPAI-84 standard)
mould proof

hotel tent

Wooden structure:
Ф80mm synthesize anticorrosion wood
no crack, no deformation
surface polishing, anti-corrosion treatment environmental protection paint (withstand sun, rain)

Luxury camping trips for explorers


Mr Wong is a nature-loving explorer who has always dreamt of spending an adventurous and exciting holiday in the great outdoors. However, at the same time, he longs for comfortable and luxurious accommodations in the wilderness so that he can get plenty of rest and relaxation after a tiring expedition.
In his quest, Mr Wong discovered a brand new product from a resort – the 5x9m wooden structure luxury tent. This tent not only offers the experience of traditional camping, but also incorporates modern luxury elements, bringing travellers a new camping experience at the resort.
So Mr Wang decided to book a luxury camping trip. He arrived at the resort and was impressed by the spaciousness and comfort of the tent. The interior of the tent was equipped with soft and comfortable beds, warm lighting and well-equipped bathrooms, all of which made his holiday life convenient and comfortable.
During the day, Mr. Wang participated in the hiking activities organised by the resort, wandering through the magnificent natural scenery and experiencing the beauty and magic of nature. And at night, he enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing time gazing up at the stars from the outdoor terrace outside his tent.
Throughout his holiday, Mr. Wang experienced the attentive service and comfortable facilities provided by the resort, while being able to get closer to nature at the same time. He felt it was a perfect holiday experience that not only satisfied his thirst for adventure, but also allowed him to enjoy luxurious and comfortable accommodation.
Upon his return to the city, Mr Wang was so impressed with the luxury camping trip that he recommended this new holiday experience to his close friends and family. They have also expressed their keen interest in this camping experience with luxury elements and plan to experience this unforgettable holiday together in their future holidays.
This example demonstrates the unique holiday experience that a 5×9 metre timber frame luxury tent can offer explorers, combining comfort and nature to create an unforgettable luxury camping trip.


hotel tent
hotel tent

To sum up, the 5x9m wooden structure luxury tent offers a new camping experience that combines luxury with nature for an unforgettable holiday. If you are eager to relax in nature but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, then this tent will be the ideal choice for you.
Not only does this luxury tent provide comfortable accommodation, it also allows you to connect more closely with nature. Whether you are enjoying the soft and comfortable beds and warm lighting inside the tent or enjoying the breathtaking views and starry skies from the outdoor terrace, you will be able to experience your holiday like never before. In addition, the tents are located within the resort, allowing you to enjoy all the services and facilities offered by the resort at the same time, adding more colour and convenience to your holiday experience.
In the company of this luxury tent, you will spend a vibrant and enjoyable time on holiday. Whether it’s laughing and socialising with your family inside the tent or listening to the sounds of nature alone on the outdoor terrace, it will become a cherished memory.
The unique location of the tents within the Resort completes the experience. You can enjoy the various facilities and activities offered by the resort, such as swimming, yoga classes, outdoor adventures and so on, to make your holiday life more colourful. And whenever you feel tired, the comfortable beds and well-equipped bathrooms of the tents are the perfect place to relax and unwind.
This tent is not just an accommodation option, it’s a lifestyle experience. It allows you to reacquaint yourself with the wonders of nature and to feel the ease and pleasure of life again. Book now and make your next holiday a luxury camping trip with unforgettable memories and great experiences!


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