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Beyond X rooftop hub tent doubles livable volume of Jeep below

Hub tents are prized for their fast setup in comparison to other ground tent styles, using an integrated frame to simply pop and lock in place via ventral pole hubs on the sides and roof. That advantage will be diminished on a rooftop tent, where an integrated frame that sets up and breaks quickly with little effort is standard fare, but the Beyond X is still quick and easy to pitch

Another advantage of the hub design is that it maximizes interior space with a bulging cube-like shape. That’s the advantage that Fjordsen really hangs its hat on with the Beyond X, stressing that the largest model offers 6.3 cubic meters (222.5 cu ft) of interior volume. The Beyond X Large floor measures a square 2.2 x 2.2 m (87 x 87 in), accommodating three to four people, while the roof rises 1.4 m (4.6 feet) high, providing sitting room for all and standing height for children.

In terms of the Jeep Wrangler volume comparison, we didn’t simply arrive there by staring at a tent that appears like it could drop down and swallow the entire Wrangler cabin, along with some of the hood – though that was our starting point. Fjordsen offered up the Beyond X volume so readily, we figured it was worth comparing.

The four-door 2024 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has a total passenger volume of 3 cu m (104 cu ft), according to Jeep’s online spec sheet – not even half the human-dedicated occupant space of the Beyond X. Even if you include the Wrangler Unlimited’s 0.9 cu m (31.7 cu ft) of cargo volume behind the rear seats, it still comes up well short of the Beyond X’s 6.3 cu m (222.5 cu ft). So the Beyond X does in fact have the space to swallow the entire Wrangler Unlimited cabin and some of its hood.

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