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boutique bell tent vs 171 bell tent

Boutique Bell Tent
171 bell tent detail
  • Practicality and Durability:The 171 Bell Tent was designed to meet the demands of the outdoors, whether it’s to withstand harsh weather or to adapt to complex terrain, the 171 Bell Tent provides a stable and reliable living environment. In contrast, the Boutique Bell Tent, although more beautifully designed, may not be as practical as the 171 Bell Tent in extreme environments.
  • Quick set up and tear down:The 171 Bell Tent is designed with user convenience in mind, allowing even novice campers to quickly master set up and tear down techniques. This design greatly saves valuable time and allows campers to get more involved in outdoor activities.
  • Portability: Compared to the Boutique Bell Tent, the 171 Bell Tent is more friendly in size and weight, making it easy to carry and transport, which is especially important for hikers and backpackers.

Simplified Production Process

Material Economy

171 Bell Tent selects materials with both durability and cost-effectiveness in mind, minimizing costs by optimizing material sourcing and utilization. This economical choice of materials makes 171 Bell Tent more competitive in the marketplace.

Benefits of mass production

Due to its standardized design and simplified processes, the 171 Bell Tent is ideally suited for mass production. Mass production can further reduce the unit cost, giving the 171 Bell Tent a clear price advantage over similar products.

Accuracy of Market Positioning

The manufacturer of the 171 Bell Tent is clear about the market positioning of its products – providing quality options for consumers who seek cost-effective and practical products. This accurate market positioning has resulted in more precise production and distribution of the product, reducing wastage of resources and hence costs.

  • 285GSM Poly Cotton Canvas
  • Size Can Be Customized
  • 285g TC Cotton PU 3000mm Carry Bag
  • Steel Spring-Loaded Centre Pole Steel A-Frames 
  • ISO, CE, SAA, BV, SGS, CSA Certified For Many Countries, Such As America, Australia, Canada, France, England, New Zealand, Etc.
  • ODM & OEM Acceptable.

Unique design features

Multiple door openings, interior pockets, electrical hooks, extra high door height with mesh, center pole with loop (for attaching optional inner tent), ventilation mesh, zippered windows, heavy-duty zippered inner tent, and reflective ropes.

  • Product Name:Bell Tent
  • Tent Body:280gsm Cotton Canvans,PU 3000,UV50+
  • Tent Mesh:Polyester Mesh
  • Tent Floor:540gsm Rip-Stop PVC,Zlpped In Floor,Fireproof
  • Storage Bag:600D Oxford,PU 3000
  • Central Pole:Φ32mm(1.3in) Galvanized Steel Tube
  • Door Poles:A-Shapeφ19mm(0.75in) Galvanized SteelTube
  • Wind Ropes:Polyester Ropes With Luminous Coating*11Three Holes Aluminumfixing Piece
  • Pegs:Φ8*250mm(9.8in)Long*10+Φ6*220mm(8.7in)*10
  • Zipper:Double Handle SBS Zipper(Can Upgrade To YKK)
  • Stitching:Double Stitching,Waterproof Expanded Thread
  • Wide Space:Multiple Doorways, Interior Pockets, Power Plug
  • Waterproof Material:100% Cotton – Treated With Water, Rot, UV

Fabric & Treatment

285GSM Polycotton Canvas – Treated with water, rot,UV& mildew repelling agent.

While the Boutique Bell Tent is unique in terms of design and comfort, the 171 Bell Tent clearly offers a more appealing option in terms of practicality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Its simplified design and production process, cost-effective material choices, mass-production advantages, and accurate market positioning all combine to make the 171 Bell Tent an excellent camping tent for the money. The 171 Bell Tent is an ideal choice for campers who want to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping an eye on their budget.

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