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How to repair your tipi tent?

we pride ourselves on being diverse. We’ve worked with a few major brands over the a long time advertising tents and tipis for for all intents and purposes any kind of open air occasions and exercises you’ll be able think of. Here we’re getting to see at a few of the things that set us separated from the competition, one of which is our rapid and dependable tipi repair benefit. This blog will tell you how to repair tipi tent!

Mischances happen. Nature can be unfeeling and unforgiving. Tears and tears in your tents and tipis can take off you and your commerce uncovered to the components and we know how unhelpful and expensive that can be for you. That’s why strength is one of our fundamental needs when we construct your tipi – and in case the most noticeably awful comes to most noticeably awful, able to repair it superior than anybody else. Perused on to discover out more!

repair tipi tent

Durability and Quality

Some time recently we get to talking around repairs – we got to conversation approximately materials. Here at The Tipi Company, we as it were utilize quality materials to form the foremost tough occasion tipis conceivable.Crafted from the exceptional open-air coated Campshield fabric, rigorously tested in diverse challenging environments, these products boast water, UV, and mold resistance, along with fire-retardant properties.

Utilizing unique processes and expert structural engineering, we manufacture our tent poles from sustainable, super-dense, slow-growing Scandinavian wood.We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help with testing, proving that our tipis are the strongest on the market.
Being the only Chinese tipi manufacturer employing this high-end, accurate method, we affirm that our tipis are crafted from strong materials built to last.

But, like we said, mishaps, the components and misusing can all cause harm, tears and tears to the texture of your tipi. It doesn’t essentially cruel exorbitant substitutions. All of our tipis are provided with a Canvas Repair Unit, so you’ll be able settle any minor harm straight absent. But, for the greater stuff; we’re here to assist.

repair tipi tent

We Repair Tipi Tent

What’s the good thing about getting your canvas tent repaired by us? Well, we’re the ones who built it within the to begin with put!

We take duty for our craftsmanship and total all tent repair administrations in house instead of sending your tipi absent to a partitioned company. In this way, completing your repairs quickly and precisely is a small but better way for the planet as well. In spite of the fact that we will as it were repair tipis that we have made and we can’t repair woodwork (for security reasons, we can’t ensure the basic astuteness of harmed wood) We still pride ourselves on tall quality repairs at reasonable costs.

We Make it Really Easy

When your tent or tipi gets damaged, we understand that it imposes a significant burden on you. That’s why we’ve made our repairs prepare as simple as we conceivably can for you. We’ve got an internet repairs frame so that you just can let us know what you wish rapidly and effectively without having to bring it back to us for assessment.

You will be able to transfer all the necessary details, including photos of the damage, to assist us in initiating the repair process as soon as possible. Our Generation Group will allow you fair, down to earth input approximately the another steps. In case able to settle it, we’ll ! And in the event that we can’t, we have a Saves & Repairs benefit to discover a substitution and quick.

High-quality tents from The Tipi Company

We believe in the quality of our tents and tipis, so we give you a 1-year guarantee as standard. If anything goes wrong because of a manufacturing problem, we’ll fix them for you – free of charge. 

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