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In the event that you’d told me two a long time prior that I would be driving around in a Arrive Cruiser and offroading to inaccessible areas to wild camp (gosh, two a long time back I would not have indeed known what wild camping is), I would have never accepted you.

What is transit?

When I first searched for “overlapping” on Google, I really liked this definition:

Land travel refers to self reliant land travel to remote destinations, with journey being the primary goal.

I firmly believe that journey is everything in life, so this is a good start.

I don’t want to lie, it’s great, but there are also many things worth absorbing. Run around, prepare, make a list, pack your luggage, get there in time, try shooting things and enjoy this moment! Not to mention four-wheel drive, which has almost no experience in four-wheel drive – but we will discuss this later.

Fortunately, my boyfriend and travel partner Simon went with me – so I didn’t rely entirely on my own equipment! We are fortunate to have the opportunity to camp on a private farm in Sedberg. Getting there is a daunting task, and a farm staff member must show us the right path before we can start searching for the perfect camping spot. She jumped into the car with us because you could only drive a 4×4 car to get there, so we had to drive a powerful land cruiser along a winding path (that thing can handle anything, and I did get a lot of respect from that weekend!), back to the mountaintop, take our tour guide to her Volkswagen group, and then return to the place we decided to camp. Each trip takes about 30 minutes, and before we knew it, we finally arrived at the campsite. It was already dark.

The next day, we woke up, brewed some coffee, and made shakshuka for brunch. Afterwards, I wandered around the campsite for a long time, then went out to record some videos, and finally realized that the sound on my microphone was not as good as I had imagined. I feel nervous talking in front of the camera, and the frustration of the microphone not working doesn’t help much. I quickly realized that traveling and recording are not always just about land and rainbows.

After about an hour of struggle, I really want to put down my electronic device for a while, take some time to breathe, relax, and understand the surrounding environment. So I sat down, looked up at the stunning rock formations around us, and drank one or two beers. Camping in a place within a few kilometers without anyone else is a surreal feeling. If something happens to us or our vehicles, we need to walk for 4 hours to reach the nearest person.

Then we made a fire and prepared the Potsticker I was responsible for making that night. I started tidying up the fire, and Simon played with his drone to get a great image. The process of making pots went smoothly, but I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos! Another notebook to prepare for the next trip. After finishing our meal, we sat around the campsite for a while and then climbed into bed to sleep.

There is still one night left on the itinerary, so we have decided to make a slight change and head to Sandrif Holiday Resort, which is about 40 minutes away from the hotel. We are delighted to be able to drive and explore more Sedberg.

After packing our luggage, before leaving, we quickly hiked to the place where Simon saw some Bushman paintings the day before. Very cool, worth climbing! The history of rock art in southern Africa can be traced back to 28000 years, with Cederberg’s painting history ranging from 8000 to 100 or 200 years.

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