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The Best Overland Trails To Take In The USA(一)

Georgia Transverse

Location: Through North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia 

The Georgia Transverse is not a single trail but a collection of paved and unpaved routes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. It is designed to be traveled east to west from North Carolina and cut off at the Georgia / Alabama border.

Georgia Transverse comprises a mixture of county, state, and Forest Service road sections totaling about 390 miles. Because it is not one big and long stretch of land, the trail offers different terrain from rocky to paved or even dirt. At least 226 of the 390 miles in the Georgia Transverse are unpaved roads and require a high-clearance Overlanding vehicle for easy navigation.

It is easy to view the Georgia Transverse as an opportunity to explore a vast land without restrictions. You can either drive the length of the trail in one journey or split it into shorter, bite-sized trips to enjoy as several Overlanding trips.

Mojave Road

Location: Los Angeles, California.

Mojave Road is a trail that measures at least 150 miles. If you plan to go Overlanding on this route, you will spend the better part of 3 days or more going from one end to the other, especially if you want to take your time to explore every area of the trail.

Mojave Road crosses the desert between the Wilmington Mojave River and the Colorado River. However, most of the trail lies in the Mojave National Preserve. It is an easy to west rocky road starting at the park near Piute Spring and ending near Soda Dry Lake. 

The Mojave Road offers interesting terrain, from uneven rocky roads to sandy strips and large washes. The landscape is not uniform nor well-managed, so it is moderately challenging to navigate. 

Like many other trails, Mojave Road has a history of its own. This route was popularly used as a trade road for the southwest, Chumash, and other coastal tribes before it became popular in the 1980s.

Mojave Road offers a view of interesting historical sites, ruins, canyons, and caves that you will undoubtedly enjoy exploring. There are also free albeit undeveloped campsites that will come in handy during your stay.

Mojave Road is a pretty iconic trail, so you will definitely run into other overlanders on your trip, especially if you visit in the fall or spring (although the trail is in use even during the colder parts of the year). 

Valley Of The Gods

Location: Utah

Valley Of The Gods trail is a gorgeous red landscape you’ll enjoy exploring. Made up of stunning stone formations, a vast desert terrain, isolated buttes, and intimidating pinnacles, this trail is straight out of any overlander’s dream.

Valley Of The Gods is referred to as a gem, and for great reasons too. To truly understand its beauty, you have to witness it first-hand. This picturesque trail located just north of Mexican Hat is part of the Navajo Nation and is a 17-mile loop.

Short and easy enough to drive through while also offering astonishing views. Valley Of The Gods offers a relatively easy but bumpy ride. For this trail, a 4WD is not necessary, as even a 2WD vehicle will have no problem driving through the trail. However, the roads can become slick and impassable when it rains, even with a 4WD.

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