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Which one of our Bell tents is right for you

Which one of our Bell tents is right for you?

Bell tents

Canvas Bell Tent Guide – Which Tent is Right for You?

171 Canvas Tents have been known for their quality bell tents for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of sizes to cater for a variety of people, whether they are solo campers, adventure groups, families or large groups such as scouts. Whether you’re hiking in the backcountry, mountain trekking or wild camping, our tents provide a reliable shelter. We are constantly improving and expanding our product line, introducing the latest technology and materials to ensure the highest standards of tent durability and comfort. Whether you’re exploring the bush or camping in the great outdoors, the 171 Canvas Tent is your trusted companion.

The strength of 171 Canvas Tents lies not only in its superior quality bell tents, but also in our deep understanding of customers’ needs and our spirit of continuous innovation. Our product line not only covers a wide range of common sizes of tents, but also offers customised services to meet the individual needs of our customers. Whether you need a one-person tent or a large event tent that can accommodate dozens of people, we can customise it for you. Our design team constantly seeks to innovate and introduce new features and design elements to enhance the practicality and aesthetics of our tents. And our strict quality control process and reliable after-sales service guarantee the quality and customer satisfaction of every 171 Canvas Tent. With the company of 171 Canvas Tent, your outdoor adventure will be more at ease and enjoyable.

This guide is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the best Bell tent for your needs. As a trusted provider of camping solutions for three generations, we understand the importance of choosing the right tent for your outdoor activities. Here, we’ll explain every aspect of tent selection in detail so you can make an informed decision. We’ll look at different sizes, materials, features and price ranges of Bell tents, helping you to understand the pros and cons of each type so that you can make the best choice for your individual needs. Whether you are a novice camper or an experienced outdoor adventurer, we will provide you with expert advice and guidance to make your camping trip comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Our range of canvas bell tents consists of 6 main styles:
  1. Classic Bell Tent: Simple and practical, it provides a solid shelter for outdoor enthusiasts and lets you feel the warmth of home in the nature.
  2. Bell Tent with Skylight: With the addition of a skylight, you can enjoy the beauty of the starry sky and the tranquillity and romance of the night.
  3. Rollable bell tent: the side walls can be completely rolled up, increasing ventilation and landscape view, allowing you to feel more natural.
  4. Yurt tent: with unique design and structure, it brings you a comfortable and luxurious camping experience.
  5. Emperor tent: with its spacious interior and tall structure, it provides you with an honourable camping experience.
  6. Tipi tent: a traditional Indian tent design that delivers a distinctive outdoor experience, immersing you in the pristine wilderness atmosphere.

Classic Bell Tent

  • 285GSM Poly Cotton Canvas
  • Size Can Be Customized
  • 285g TC Cotton PU 3000mm Carry Bag
  • Steel Spring-Loaded Centre Pole Steel A-Frames
  • ISO, CE, SAA, BV, SGS, CSA Certified For Many Countries, Such As America, Australia, Canada, France, England, New Zealand, Etc.
  • ODM & OEM Acceptable.

The classic bell tent is the most classic bell tent without a skylight. Perhaps one of the most recognisable tent styles, the bell tent features only one central support pole, giving it a classic shape. The entrance to the tent is marked by an A-shaped support pole with ropes to ensure the stability of the tent.
1.Single centre pole: The standard bell tent has a very simple design, with a single centre pole for the entire tent structure. This design not only makes the tent easier to set up, but also gives it a classic aesthetic appearance.
2.A-Pole: The A-Pole design at the entrance of the tent provides additional support and increases the overall stability of the tent. This design ensures that the tent remains firmly on the ground in wind and rain.
3.Rope fixing: The tent’s support poles are equipped with ropes, which can be adjusted to adjust the stability of the tent by adjusting the tightness of the ropes. This design allows you to flexibly adjust the fixation of the tent according to the actual situation, ensuring that the tent can be used peacefully in all kinds of environments.The simple design and classic look of the Standard Bell Tent makes it a popular choice for many campers. In addition to its unique form factor, the Standard Bell Tent offers the following benefits:
4.Spacious interior: even though the Standard Bell Tent has only one central support pole, it provides enough interior space to accommodate multiple people. This makes it ideal for family camping or group camping, so you and your family or friends can share enjoyable outdoor time.
5.LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Compared to other tents with complex structures, standard bell tents are usually lighter and easy to carry. This makes it a popular choice for hikers or campers who need to change camping sites frequently, allowing you to easily carry and set up your tent during outdoor activities.
6,Affordable: due to its simple design and construction, a standard bell tent is usually relatively inexpensive, making it a suitable choice for campers on a budget. Despite its low price, it offers enough comfort and protection for most camping needs.

7.Versatility: standard bell tents usually have a simple design and high utilisation of internal space, and can be used for a variety of different outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, field research and so on as needed. Whether in the forest, beach or mountains, it is easy to set up and provide reliable shelter.
8.EXCELLENT VENTILATION: The top of the tent is usually designed with breathable windows or vents, which can promote air circulation and prevent the interior from being humid and stuffy. This design is especially important in hot summer days or humid environments, providing a comfortable sleeping environment for a more enjoyable camping experience.
9.RELIABLE DURABILITY: While standard bell tents may not be equipped with complex materials and structures like some premium tents, they are usually made of durable canvas or polyester materials for good durability and waterproofness. In tough outdoor environments, standard bell tents are able to withstand the elements and provide you with reliable protection.

Bell Tent With Skylight

Bell tents with skylights are a unique and practical design that offers extra convenience and comfort for campers. This tent combines the traditional bell-shaped look with a modern, innovative design to provide outdoor adventurers with a more enjoyable camping experience.
1.Skylight Design: Bell tents with skylights feature one or more transparent skylights at the top of the tent, allowing natural light to reach the interior of the tent. This not only increases the brightness inside the tent, but also allows campers to enjoy the sunrise in the morning and the starry sky at night, creating a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.
2.Ventilation and view: The skylight design not only improves ventilation inside the tent, but also increases the range of view for campers. You can enjoy the natural scenery around you through the skylight and feel the beauty of nature, while keeping the indoor air fresh and circulating to improve sleep quality and comfort.
3.Waterproof and Sunproof: Bell tents with skylights are usually made of waterproof and sunproof materials, and the skylight part is also equipped with a waterproof sunshade to ensure dryness and comfort in rainy weather. This design provides good protection and comfort for campers in different climatic conditions.
Overall, bell tents with skylights are popular for their unique design and practicality, providing outdoor adventurers with a more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

Rolled up bell tent

Ideal for campers, the roll-up bell tent has a simple yet practical design that adds convenience and comfort to outdoor living. These tents are not only easy to carry and store, but also have a variety of functions to adapt to the needs of different seasons and environments.
1.EASY TO CARRY AND STORE: The roll-up bell tent is made of lightweight materials with a simple structure and compact size after folding, making it easy to carry and store. This allows campers to easily fit the tent into their backpacks or vehicles and enjoy the outdoor life anytime, anywhere.
2.Two uses in one tent: this tent is uniquely designed with a roll-up structure that can be adjusted as needed. In winter, putting down the roller blind can effectively insulate and add warmth to the inside of the tent, so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep even on cold nights. And in summer, rolling up the roller shutter can facilitate heat dissipation and keep the tent interior ventilated, so that you can feel cool and comfortable in the hot weather.
3.MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: In addition to being a camping tent, the roll-up bell tent can also be used for other outdoor activities, such as picnics and open-air parties. Its flexible design makes it suitable for a variety of different occasions and meets campers’ needs for versatility.

Yurt tent

  • Color Classic
  • Drawable window
  • Secondary Mosquitonet Door
  • Circular Aluminium Structure
  • Waterproof Material
  • Resisting Severe Weather

The Yurt tent comes in the classic sandstone colour (customizable).Fabric curtains can be opened and closed.In front, there’s a secondary mosquitonet door behind the main door.The Yurt tent is supported by a circularaluminium structure.100% Cotton – Treated with water, rot, UV & mildew repelling agent.Proprietary shock-absorbing grounding system to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

A central pole with a diameter of 35mm.Hangable camping light.Four oversized windows have PVC and mozy nets.A perfect tent for up to 15 adults, who can sleep comfortably in it.The bottom is a durable zippered floor mat that you can unzip and roll up the sides.

The yurt tent is supported by a circular aluminum structure and a 35mm diameter centre pole, providing stability and durability. The tent’s groundsheet is zipped together with the main canvas, preventing water and insects from entering and creating a comfortable and secure living environment. This combination of features makes the yurt tent a practical and reliable shelter option for camping trips and outdoor events.

Our yurt tent is a perfect shelter option for those who value spaciousness and comfort. With a circular aluminum structure and a 35mm diameter centre pole, this tent provides ample room for a family of 6 to relax and enjoy their camping experience. The yurt tent’s design allows for maximum interior space utilization, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.

Emperor tent

  • Twin Pole Bell Tent
  • Upgraded Bottom
  • Special Fabric
  • Outer Oxford wrapped
  • Main Entrance + Double Doors
  • Multi-window Design Matching Screen

A two pole bell tent is a special type of bell tent. The shape is similar.The tent can be split from the bottom.Effectively block the sun UPF50+ UV protection, not afraid of the sun.Abrasion-, durability- and tear-resistant, water- and hydrostatic-resistant 3000mm+.Easier entry and exit, good air circulation.Bright space and mosquito prevention.

The emperor tent adopts double main poles, and each of the three doors.The space is wide open.A steel spring-loaded centre pole and steel A-frames.Easier entry and exit, good air circulation.Hangable camping light.Floor Is Oxford,The Waterproof Coefficient Can Be Customized.

Emperor tents are equipped with a steel spring-loaded centre pole and steel A-frames for added stability and durability. The full set of mixed smooth and rebar steel pegs provides versatile anchoring options for various ground conditions. Reflective guy ropes improve visibility and safety in low light conditions, making bell tents a reliable and practical shelter option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tipi Tent

  • Thickened Polyester Cotton Fabric
  • Plenty Of Indoor Space For Free Setup
  • SBS Zipper
  • Roomy And Storm Worthy
  • Strengthen Central Pole
  • 100% Cottor Canvas
Tipi’s conical shape can withstand deep snow, heavy rain and high winds.Made in a variety of sizes and styles our wide selection of bell tents give you the best tents!Six Guyout Points give the Tippy Tent a more accentuated appearance.Effectively block the sun UPF50+ UV protection, not afraid of the sun.Peak vent promotes air circulation.
We hope this guide will help you choose the right Bell tent for your camping trip. If you have any questions about what you need for your camping trip, or if you need to know more about any of the tents or accessories we sell, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and provide you with expert advice and assistance!
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