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180-degree awning rooftop tent-aw1

180 Degree Awning Aw1


180-Ddegree Rooftop Tents | High-Quality Camping Gear

180-degree awning rooftop tent-aw1
SBS zipper
High Quality
strong support

180 Degree Awning Aw1

  • Extend Around A Vehicle Or Designated Area
  • Adjustable Angle And Height
  • Ease of Set Up And Take Down
  • Fabric Is Tear-proof Rain-proof And UV-resistant
  • Truck, SUV Or Trailer Can Be Connected
  • Can Be Retrofitted Sidewalls Mosquito Nets Or LED Lighting


High Quality


Model & Structure

180 degree Awning aw1

Looking to add some more usable space to your rooftop tent? The Annex Room is the solution. This annex features four walls and a heavy-duty PVC floor. Add a completely enclosed space perfect for a changing room, storage, or an extra sleeping area.

180 degree awning annex room

A 180-degree awning annex room is an extension or additional accessory that can be attached to a 180-degree awning on the side of a vehicle. This annex room provides extra enclosed space, creating a room-like environment next to your vehicle. It’s a popular choice among campers and outdoor enthusiasts who want more privacy, protection from insects, and additional living space during their adventures

180 degree awning side canopy

A 180-degree awning side canopy is a versatile outdoor accessory designed to provide shade and shelter along one side of a vehicle, typically in a semi-circular or half-moon shape. This type of canopy is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and overlanding enthusiasts who want to create a comfortable and protected space next to their vehicles.

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Available colours

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