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car side shower tent

car side shower tent

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car side shower tent
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car side shower tent

  • Easy Setup
  • Weather Resistance
  • Built-in Mattress
  • Windows and Ventilation
  • Aerodynamic Design


High Quality


Model & Structure


180 Awing Rooftop Tent Annex Room

The 180-degree awning rooftop tent annex room features comprehensive sunshade, adjustable design, an annex room for extra space, easy installation, durable materials, ventilation, versatile compatibility, portability, and wind-resistant design, providing complete protection and convenience for outdoor activities.

Soft Rooftop Tent Annex Room

The Soft Rooftop Tent Annex Room adds extra space to your camping setup. Easy to attach, ventilated, lightweight, and durable, it enhances comfort during outdoor adventures.

soft rooftop tent annex room
270 degree awning annex room

270 Degree Awning Annex Room

The 270-Degree Awning Annex Room provides extensive coverage, quick setup, adaptable design, multipurpose space, durable construction, ventilation features, portability, and compatibility for a versatile and comfortable outdoor experience.

270 Awning Rooftop Tent AW3 Annex Room

The 180 Awning Rooftop Tent Annex Room is a quick and seamless addition, providing extra space and enhanced comfort for your outdoor adventures.

180 awning rooftop tent annex room
car side shower tent

Car Side Shower Tent

The Car Side Shower Tent is a quick-setup, compact, and private solution for outdoor showering. Durable and versatile, it enhances your outdoor experience with convenience and comfort.

Available colours

Available colours

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