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abs pop up rooftop tent hr1

Hard shell straight open tent hr1

Helicopter roof tent

Hard shell straight open tent hr1

abs pop up rooftop tent hr1
SBS zipper
High Quality
strong support

aluminum Hard shell straight open tent hr1

  • Hardshell Construction
  • Easy Setup
  • Weather Resistance
  • Built-in Mattress
  • Windows and Ventilation
  • Aerodynamic Design


High Quality


Model & Structure

Roof Mounting

Discover the ultimate do-it-all pop-up tent, a masterful blend of durability, usability, and spaciousness. Immerse yourself in sweeping 360-degree views and a refreshing breeze courtesy of the ingenious pop-up design. Perfect for those seeking adventure without compromise, this tent caters to tall individuals with its vertical walls, offering an impressive nearly 7 feet of usable interior length. Embrace the outdoors with a tent that effortlessly adapts to your every need.

Windows and Ventilation

Elevate your camping experience with our versatile pop-up tent, engineered for durability, usability, and generous space. Unwind in a panoramic world of 360-degree views and enjoy the cool embrace of the great outdoors, made possible by the ingenious pop-up design. Tailored for tall individuals, the vertical walls provide an expansive interior, offering almost 7 feet of usable length. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and functionality with a tent designed to redefine your outdoor escapades.

Security Features

Introducing our all-in-one pop-up tent, a game-changer in the world of camping gear. Boasting a harmonious fusion of durability, usability, and generous space, this tent invites you to indulge in panoramic 360-degree views and a refreshing breeze facilitated by its innovative pop-up design. Tailored for taller campers, the vertical walls provide an impressive interior length of nearly 7 feet, ensuring a comfortable retreat for everyone. Unleash your outdoor spirit with a tent that adapts effortlessly to your adventurous lifestyle.

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