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Apple Cabin

  • Sustainability: Utilizing eco-friendly materials and design principles, Apple Cabin homes are built with environmental consciousness at the core, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Efficiency: The compact design of these homes is coupled with smart spatial planning, allowing for maximum functionality in a minimal space, ideal for off-the-grid living.
  • Customization: Acknowledging varied personal preferences, Apple Cabin offers a high level of customization, enabling buyers to tailor the space to their specific needs and tastes.
kitchen& cooker

Join the movement towards minimalist lifestyles with INNATURE, crafting your dream off-the-grid havens out of upcycled storage units. Dive into the specifics of your ideal habitat in our quote request form, and our team will circle back with insightful queries and tailored pricing.

INNATURE’s Apple Cabin lineup rises as an idyllic choice for cultural tourism ventures, delivering finely-tuned answers for widespread challenges in crafting and maintaining serene getaway spaces, deluxe backcountry accommodations, resort enhancements, and themed homestay transformations.

It includes customization private bathroom with shower facilities, kitchen cabinets for different demands.

  1. Durability exceeding 50years.
  2. Top-grade fire prevention capabilities.
  3. Earthquake resilience meeting 8-degree standards.
  4. Withstand typhoons up to level 12.
  5. Acoustic insulation reaching 40 decibels.
  6. Removable construct offering flexibility, trouble-free relocation, and a serene and cozy dwelling experience. Ushers in an exclusive travel encounter.

INNATURE stands at the forefront of innovative, sumptuous natural abodes, each meticulously molded to fit the distinct fancies of our clientele. Reach out to unfold how INNATURE’s Apple Cabin can elevate your cultural expeditionary projects. It includes customization private bathroom with shower facilities, kitchen cabinets for different demands.


20ft Apple Cabin Container House (Series No. WZHAC20)

*Building area: 13m2 (140square foot)
*Size for living: 5800mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H)

40ft Apple Cabin Living Home (Series No. WZHAC40)​

* Building area: 26m2 (280square foot)
* Size for living: 11800mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H)

Custom Size Apple Cabin For Different Requirements

*Our engineer will cooperate with you for any size in need, please contact us for design.


Apple Cabin provides a stylish and contemporary residential experience

Basic Rooms of Apple Cabin

Living Area: A spacious space awaiting your personal touch to become a cozy personal retreat.
Sleeping Area: Equipped with a capacious bedroom, designed specifically for rest and rejuvenation.
Bathing Facility: Comes with a pre-installed, full-featured bathroom that includes a shower area, Water Mark certified sanitary ware, washbasin, and other facilities.
Cooking Zone: A light-filled kitchen with plenty of storage space, equipped with a sink and customizable layouts to cater to various cooking needs.

Water and Electric Systems: Apple Cabin comes pre-installed with fuss-free water and electrical systems, meaning you have everything you need from day one. Think of it as plug-and-play; water flows and lights work as soon as you’re set up, without any complicated setup.

Safety Assured: Apple Cabin combines immediate utility access and rigorous safety in a streamlined living solution. Essential services work upon arrival with no complex setup, ensuring ease and functionality. Upholding strict international safety protocols, each cabin is thoroughly certified, aligning with global standards from the AU/NZ to the EU, providing confidence and integrity in your home.

Apple Cabin provides an extensive array of uses and personalization opportunities, transcending conventional boundaries. Here are several examples:

Vacation Homes: Fashion a quintessential getaway home with the transportable and cozy Apple Cabin, readily deployable across diverse picturesque settings.

Emergency Housing: Offer prompt and handy temporary lodging options for crisis scenarios, worksites, or large-scale events.

Remote Offices: Establish a compartmentalized work area on your premises, fostering a zone of productivity and seclusion.

Auxiliary Suites: Host relatives or visitors in a detached dwelling space that delivers solace and self-sufficiency.

Fitness or Workshop Studios: Transform the Apple Cabin into a bespoke fitness gym or artistic studio, customized to your unique pursuits.

Airbnb Rentals: Create an alternate source of revenue by providing an unconventional and chic short-term rental choice for tourists.

The adaptability of the Apple Cabin is limitless, permitting you to modify your modular abode to meet precise needs, thereby crafting the ideal habitat or workspace for any situation.

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Detailed Description

No Need To Install​​

The Apple Cabin is 100% fully prefabricated living solution, crafted to offer immediate occupancy upon delivery. Factory-complete in every detail, it requires no onsite assembly—simply connect the utilities, arrange your furniture, and your new home is ready to welcome you.

Exterior Features​
  • Robust galvanized steel framework
  • Exterior cladding of fluorocarbon-treated aluminum alloy
  • Insulated construction designed for optimal waterproofing and moisture resistance
  • Windows made from hollow tempered glass for enhanced safety
  • Skylight featuring hollow tempered laminated glass for durability and light regulation
  • High-quality stainless steel door engineered with a side-hinge design for secure entry.
Room Control System​​
  • Secure key card system for effortless power management
  • Multiple pre-set scenarios for environment customization
  • Lights and curtains managed via an intelligent, integrated control system
  • Voice command facility for hands-free operation
  • Cutting-edge smart lock for security and ease of access.
Interior Amenities​​
  • Streamlined design with integrated modular walls, stone composite floors, and climate control for comfort.
  • Private and luxurious bathroom setup with frosted doors, marble flooring, and full sanitaryware.
  • Functional and elegant lighting, plumbing, and electrical systems for convenience and ambiance.
  • Privacy features including blackout curtains and frosted glass doors.
  • Social and storage amenities with a stylish bar table and practical entryway cabinet.

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