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Large Space | Low Cost | Movable

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Movable Expandable Container office

  • Large Space: Building area: 30sqm (323sqft)
  • Folding/Transport area: 6.5sqm (70sqft)
  • Low Cost: Transport space saving
  • Relocatable & Movable: Tiny house on wheel as a travel trailer.
  • Easily disassemble for relocate.
  • Quick Installation: 30 mins unfold, one day install without workers.


option kitchen
Brief Introduction:

This kind of expandable container office is cost-effective and easily relocatable solution designed for versatility. This office offers a compact and efficient workspace without a bath or kitchen, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a budget-friendly and flexible office solution.

DIY Interior Layouts:

Step into our Expandable Container Office and discover a spacious interior designed for optimum productivity. This versatile workspace is perfect for businesses, offering ample room for customization and comfortable operations


20ft Expandable Container Office (Series No. WZHKZX10)

*Building area: 30m2 (323square foot)
*Closed size for travelling: 5850mm(L)×1100mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)
*Expand size for living: 5850mm(L)×5130mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)

 If need larger sizes, contact us to design for you.


Expandable Container Office Offers On-the-Go Efficiency Workspaces

Affordalbe Expandable Container Office:

Lounge room: A comfortable area office / warehouse.
Bedrooms: Optional
Bathroom: Optional
Kitchen: Optional


Electrical Systems:


Water Systems Certification:


It could be match with Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Standard. Certified conform to regulations such as AU/NZ, America, Canada, French, EU, IEC, and Standard.

The Expandable Container Office offers a variety of uses:
  1. Temporary workspace for construction sites or events.
  2. Remote office for off-site projects.
  3. Mobile office for businesses on the move.
  4. Pop-up shop or retail space.
  5. Classroom or training center.
  6. Consulting or counseling room.
  7. Art studio or creative workspace.
  8. Meeting or conference room.
  9. Exhibition or showroom space.
  10. Research or laboratory facility.

Detailed Description

Advantages of Expandable Container Office

Cost-effectiveness: The use of shipping containers as the base structure provides a cost-effective solution compared to traditional construction methods.

Easy Relocation: The mobility and portability of the expandable container office make it easy to relocate to different sites, allowing for flexibility in changing business needs.

Quick Setup: The expandable design allows for quick and efficient setup, minimizing downtime and enabling businesses to start operations promptly.

Customizability: The interior of the expandable container office can be customized to suit specific requirements, providing a tailored workspace that meets the needs of the business or project.

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Sturdy and Fire-Resistant

Versatile Customization and Work Zones: The Expandable Container Office offers a large, adaptable space for versatile customization, accommodating different work zones and collaboration areas to suit specific business needs.

Productivity and Comfort in a Spacious Interior: The spacious interior promotes productivity and employee comfort, with ample room for movement, enhanced natural light, and a flexible layout for easy reconfiguration.

Not more than an office: Beyond office functions, the expandable space is ideal for hosting events, workshops, and training sessions, maximizing utilization and providing cost-effective solutions for various purposes.

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