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foldable container house

Foldable Container house

  • Quick installation: 10 minutes per unit, saving labor costs.
  • Anti-rust: Hot galvanized steel materials prevent rust.
  • Waterproof: Designed to be water-resistant.
  • Fireproof: A-grade fire rating for enhanced safety.
  • Simple foundation: Minimal ground leveling required.
  • Wind-resistant (70MPH) and anti-seismic (grade 7).
  • Roofing snow load capacity: 0.65 kN/m2.
  • Low heat conductivity coefficient: 0.35 kcal/m2hc
Easy to transport, saft, cheap, fast:

Easy to install, reusable and long service life
4 STEPS=4 MINUTES=1 HOUSE for you to live or work in
The house can be assembled and disassembled more than 6 times, and the service life is more than 15 years.


20ft 4mins install Foldable Container House (Series No. WZHFC20)

*Building area: 14.5m2 (160square foot)
*Closed size for travelling: 5850mm(L)×2500mm(W)×400mm(H)
*Expand size for living: 5850mm(L)×2500mm(W)×2500mm(H) (20ft Long by 8ft Wide by 8ft High)

  • Floor frame: 270*2.5-4.0 mm profiled steel
  • Roof frame: 170*2.5-4.0 mm profiled square tube
  • Corner Post: 155*2.0-4.0 mm profiled square tube
  • Wall panel: 50/75/100mm EPS/Glass wool sandwich panel
  • Floor: fire-proof floor board + PVC flooring
  • Window: Double glazed PVC window with screen and security mesh , 2 pcs per set
  • Door: Safety fire-proof door , 1 pcs per set
  • Electrical: As request
  • Stair: Steel Stairs with High Class Hand Rail

Detailed Description

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Innovation in Structure and Design

An ideal choice for those seeking a simpler and smaller living space with the freedom to personalize. 

With its unique design, this container can be effortlessly unloaded, “unfolded,” and assembled in under 4 minutes with minimal assistance.

One notable feature that customers greatly appreciate is the combination of a sturdy steel frame with aluminum outer walls. This combination significantly reduces the risk of rusting as the container home ages, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Quick Setup and Customizable Features

Quick and easy pop-up setup for multiple foldable containers.
Standard features:

  • 20ft blank canvas for personalized customization (160 sq ft).
  • Rust-resistant paint applied to the steel frame.
  • Basic insulation pre-built into the walls.
  • Two double-paned windows included.
  • Regular-sized door included.
innature manfuacture folding container house high quality (1)
foldable house detailed descriptions
Advantages of the Foldable Shipping Container
Easy Transport and Assembly:
  • Lightweight material for effortless transportation.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly process.
  • Repetitive use for multiple locations.
Designed for Convenience:
  • Complies with standard ISO shipping container dimensions.
  • Easy to pack and transport, providing mobility.
Safety and Reliability:
  • Utilizes a light steel flexible structural system.
  • Overall structure with steel plate walls and sandwich panels.
  • Corner casting structure enables crane lifting, similar to ISO containers.
Appealing Appearance:
  • Fireproof, waterproof, and sound-insulated construction.
  • Provides excellent heat preservation and sealing.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting attractiveness.

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