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New fashion design | No need building premit | Affordable

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Slide Out Container House

  • New fashion design: preinstalled toilet, shower, wash cabin and kitchen cabinet with plumbing and electricity.
  • No need building permit: ceiling height a little lower than 2.4meters, to avoid the permit in some countries.
  • Affordable: buy one get two, regard as a expandable caravan or tiny house after put it on a trailer
  • Fast Installation: No need labors, easy to enlarge in 2 minutes
  • Certified: ISO, CE, SAA, BV, SGS, CSA Certified for many countries, such as America, Australia, Canada, France, England, New Zealand, Etc.
  • Customized: ODM & OEM acceptable.
kitchen& cooker
Brief Introduction:
Customizable slide out container house

The Slide Out Container House is a modern and versatile housing solution that offers a unique living experience. Designed to maximize space and functionality, this innovative container house features a slide-out mechanism that expands the interior space with ease. 

It offers a range of customizable options, including optional colors, materials, window and door configurations, electrical and plumbing systems compliant with different country standards, and the flexibility to choose cabinet designs, showers, toilets, and furniture to suit various applications. With its stylish design, efficient use of space, and customizable features, the Slide Out Container House provides a contemporary and adaptable living solution for a variety of needs, from residential homes to vacation retreats, temporary accommodations, home offices, and more.

Custom Interior Layouts:

Nice view through glass doors for different family or working applications. Preinstalled bathroom with toilet, shower, wash basin and kitchen with cabinet in factory. 

Choose from metal ceiling, bamboo fiber ceiling board, or EPS sandwich panels for the ceiling. The highly durable PVC flooring, SPC lock floor, or laminate flooring options combine style with functionality.


20ft Slide Out Container House (Series No. WZHCT20)

*Building area: 24m2 (258square foot)
*Closed size for travelling: 5850mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)
*Expand size for living: 5850mm(L)×4024mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)

40ft Push Out Container Home (Series No. WZHCT40)

* Building area: 48m2 (516square foot)
* Closed size for travelling: 11800mm(L)×2250mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)
*Expand size for living: 11800mm(L)×4024mm(W)×2530mm(H) or 2900mm(H)


Slide Out Container House offers a fashionable living experience:

Basic Rooms of Slide Out Container House

Lounge room: A comfortable living area for your personal touch.
Bedrooms: 1 large bedroom.
Bathroom: A pre-installed, fully functional bathroom including a shower room, Water Mark toilet, washbasin, and more.
Kitchen: Enjoy a light-filled kitchen with ample storage, sink, and customizable layouts.

Water System: The home is equipped with a comprehensive water system that ensures a hassle-free living experience. Water outlets are strategically placed in the room, providing convenient access to water wherever needed. The system is designed to be efficient, delivering a steady water supply throughout the home.

Electrical System: The home features a robust electrical system that is designed for efficiency and reliability. Power sockets are strategically placed in the home, allowing easy access to electricity for various devices and appliances. The electrical system is built to meet the highest safety standards and is certified to comply with regulations in Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Safety Certifications: The slide out or push out container house is designed with safety as a top priority. It holds certifications suitable for Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, ensuring that the home meets the stringent safety standards of these regions. The electrical systems in the homes are certified to conform to AU/NZ, America, Canada, French, EU, IEC, and Standard regulations, providing peace of mind regarding electrical safety.

The slide out container house offers a wide range of applications and customization possibilities, going beyond imagination. Here are some examples:

Vacation Houses: Create an ideal holiday retreat with a portable and comfortable container home that can be set up in various scenic locations.

Temporary Accommodation: Provide quick and convenient temporary housing solutions for emergency situations, construction sites, or events.

Home Offices: Set up a dedicated workspace within your property, allowing for a productive and private environment.

Granny Flats: Accommodate family members or guests with a self-contained living space that offers comfort and independence.

Gym or Studio: Convert the expandable container into a fitness studio or creative space, tailored to your specific needs.

Airbnb Apartments: Generate additional income by offering a unique and stylish accommodation option for travelers through short-term rentals.

The possibilities for customization are endless, allowing you to adapt the slide out modular house to suit your specific requirements and create the perfect living or working space for any purpose.

Detailed Description

slide out expandable container house overview
easy to install

Generally, there are only four steps to pull out the container house without workers. Contact us to get the installation video.

Innovation in Structure and Design

Structural Strength: The container house is built using durable shipping containers, known for their robust construction. This provides a strong and sturdy foundation, ensuring the structural integrity of the house.

Quick and Easy Installation: As a prefabricated housing option, the Slide Out Container House offers the advantage of quick and easy installation. The house can be assembled and set up efficiently, reducing construction time and costs compared to traditional building methods.


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slide out container house structure
Durable and reliable housing solutions

1. High-quality repurposed shipping containers ensure durability and longevity.
2. Robust construction withstands harsh conditions and provides a secure living space.
3. Structural stability through even weight distribution and interlocking containers.
4. Resistance to external factors such as fire, impacts, pests, mold, and corrosion.
5. Adaptability to different environments with options for insulation and reinforcement.
6. Longevity and sustainability due to the use of repurposed materials and durable construction.

Aesthetic Design and Living Environment

Modern Aesthetics: The design of the Slide Out Container House emphasizes contemporary aesthetics. It offers a sleek, modern appearance that can be further enhanced through customizable options such as color choices, decorative elements, and window configurations. The result is a visually appealing and stylish living space.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The modular nature of the container house allows for flexibility and adaptability. It can be easily modified or expanded to meet changing needs or accommodate specific requirements. This makes it a versatile solution that can evolve with your lifestyle.

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