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3D tent camper trailer

Awesome TENT Camping Caravan RV

Experience Cozy RV Camping With TENT TRAILER

Pull-out kitchen | Queen size bed | Off-Road Chassis

3D tent camper trailer
kitchen& cooker

Base Camp 3D Tent RV Off-Road Caravan

Forward Fold Design: The Base Camp 3D tent camper trailer RV features a forward fold for easy setup and convenience.

Modular Off-Road Capability: Built for outdoor camping adventures, this modular off-road camper can handle diverse terrains.

Lightweight Construction: Weighing only 680kg, it’s a lightweight camper trailer, making it easy to tow and suitable for various vehicles.

Versatile Color Options: Available in white, black, and blue, providing buyers with versatile color choices.

kitchen& cooker

Effortless Setup, Versatile Colors: Base Camp 3D is a forward-fold family camper with versatile colors, offering easy setup and modular off-road capability.

Lightweight Adventure: Weighing just 680kg, this camper trailer is a lightweight adventure companion, ready for diverse terrains

Family Comfort on Wheels: With a premium kitchen setup and the ability to sleep 2-4 people, Base Camp 3D is your ticket to family comfort on wheels

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3d tent RV

The Base Camp 3D tent camper trailer RV introduces a new era of camping convenience with its forward fold design. Setting up camp becomes a breeze, allowing adventurers to focus on the joy of outdoor experiences. This modular off-road camper is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a companion designed to handle the challenges of diverse terrains. Weighing only 680kg, it effortlessly combines lightweight construction with the strength needed for outdoor adventures. With color choices in white, black, and blue, the Base Camp 3D adds a touch of personalization to your outdoor lifestyle

Choose your color, unfold comfort, and hit the road with the Base Camp 3D forward-fold family camper trailer. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of white, the boldness of black, or the serenity of blue, this camper offers versatile color options to match your style. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it provides a lightweight solution for outdoor enthusiasts, weighing in at 680kg. The independent suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride, adapting seamlessly to various terrains. With the ability to sleep 2-4 people, it becomes a mobile haven for family adventures

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Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Base Camp 3D’s premium features. Crafted from either aluminum or galvanized steel, it offers durability and strength to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. The 3-burner gas stove and sink create a convenient outdoor kitchen setup, turning any campsite into a culinary haven. The comprehensive packaging ensures that this camper arrives at your doorstep in top condition, ready to embark on countless adventures

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