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2A MAX PRO Off-Road Caravan RV

Versatile Off-Road Capability: The Black Rhino 2A MAX PRO is equipped with a galvanized chassis, 360° off-road connector, and 18″ alloy wheels with 350/60R18 off-road tires, ensuring exceptional performance on diverse terrains.

Advanced Braking System: Featuring a 12″ electric brake with a parking brake, this caravan prioritizes safety, providing reliable braking performance during stops.

Spacious Awning Setup: Enjoy the outdoors with two 4.5m side awnings, offering expansive shaded areas for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Independent Suspension: The caravan’s independent suspension system ensures a smooth and stable ride, enhancing comfort during off-road adventures.

Adjustable Height Guide Wheels: The guide wheels are adjustable, providing adaptability to various road conditions and ensuring ease of towing.

kitchen& cooker

Off-Road Luxury: The Black Rhino 2A MAX PRO combines off-road prowess with luxury, featuring advanced off-road connectors, a reliable braking system, and a spacious awning setup for a superior outdoor experience.

Tailored for Adventure: With customization as its pride, this caravan offers unique camper trailer options, ensuring that whether you’re seeking luxury recreation or wilderness exploration, your camper trailer space is crafted to your specific desires.

Adaptable Off-Road Companion: Navigate diverse terrains confidently with the caravan’s independent suspension, adjustable guide wheels, and robust chassis, offering a reliable and adaptable off-road companion.

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Off-Road Mastery: The Black Rhino 2A MAX PRO stands as a symbol of off-road mastery. Its galvanized chassis, 360° off-road connector, and rugged 18″ alloy wheels with 350/60R18 off-road tires make it an ideal choice for adventurers seeking versatility and capability in their off-road journeys.

Safety Meets Innovation: Safety is paramount, and the caravan reflects this commitment with its advanced braking system. The 12″ electric brake with a parking brake ensures reliable and efficient stopping power, providing peace of mind during your travels.

Outdoor Oasis: Create your outdoor oasis with the two 4.5m side awnings that come with the caravan. These expansive shaded areas offer a perfect retreat for outdoor activities, dining, or simply relaxing while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Personalized Elegance: Choose a customized color for your Black Rhino 2A MAX PRO, adding a touch of personalization to your outdoor lifestyle. Stand out on the road and in the campground with a caravan that reflects your unique style and preferences.

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Culinary Convenience: Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the caravan’s luxurious slide-out stainless steel 304 kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of a high-quality kitchen setup wherever your adventures take you, making outdoor dining a delightful experience.

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