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T19 camper trailer

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Inside bath and kitchen | Queen size bed | Off-Road Chassis

T19 camper trailer
kitchen& cooker

Black Rhino T19 Off-Road RV Caravan

Spacious Design: The T19 Off-road camper trailer offers a larger size (7700mm * 2180 * 2990mm) for a comfortable and roomy camping experience.

Durable Construction: Built with a galvanized chassis and a sandwich composite board structure, the camper ensures durability and longevity in various outdoor conditions.

Off-road Capability: Equipped with alloy wheels (16″x7.5″) and off-road tires (265/75R16*5), the camper is designed to handle challenging terrains with ease.

Versatile Kitchen Options: Choose between an interior kitchen or an exterior slide-out kitchen, providing flexibility for cooking preferences

kitchen& cooker

Spacious Off-road Adventure: The T19 Off-road camper trailer is designed for spacious camping adventures, featuring a larger size, durable construction, and off-road capabilities for an exceptional outdoor experience.

Luxurious Interior Comforts: Experience luxury in the great outdoors with the camper’s queen-size bed, bunk bed, sofa chair with an adjustable table, and under bed storage space, providing comfort and convenience

Off-road Ready:* Equipped with alloy wheels, off-road tires, and a galvanized chassis, this camper is ready for off-road exploration, ensuring durability and reliable performance

Detailed description

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Model Overview

The T19 Off-road camper trailer redefines camping with its spacious design, making it the ideal companion for those seeking a roomy and comfortable camping experience. With a larger size of 7700mm * 2180 * 2990mm, this camper provides ample space for relaxation, dining, and sleeping. Its durable construction, featuring a galvanized chassis and sandwich composite board structure, ensures longevity and reliability in various outdoor environments. Whether you’re embarking on off-road adventures or setting up camp in serene locations, the T19 camper is designed to exceed expectations, offering a spacious haven for outdoor enthusiasts

Model Details

Step into luxury with the T19 Off-road camper trailer’s interior comforts designed to enhance your camping experience. The camper boasts a queen-size bed (1500mm x 2000mm) with a sponge mattress, providing a plush sleeping space for a restful night under the stars. Additionally, a bunk bed (750.2000mm) offers versatile sleeping arrangements. The sofa chair with an adjustable table (1800.800mm) serves as a multi-functional space for dining, working, or simply relaxing. Under bed storage space with a pneumatic pole adds practicality, allowing you to keep your camping essentials organized. The camper’s interior is crafted to provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat amidst the beauty of nature

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Model Advantages
  • Starry Sky Skylight: Enjoy the beauty of the night sky with the sealed front starry sky lamp, enhancing the camping experience.
  • Adjustable Guide Wheels: The jockey wheel with adjustable guide wheels ensures easy maneuverability and stability during setup.
  • Off-road Tires: Alloy wheels paired with off-road tires (265/75R16*5) provide reliable traction and performance on off-road adventures.
  • Water Tank System: The camper features a comprehensive water system, including a 190L stainless steel clean water tank, a 100L stainless steel gray water tank, and a 45L black water tank, along with a 12V water pump and sugar tank.
  • Multi-functional Sofa Bed: The sofa chair with an adjustable table doubles as a comfortable sleeping space (1800*800mm), adding versatility to the interior layout
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