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Amazing DIY Campervan Conversion RV Box

RV Campervan Conversion Solution

Campervan solution | Vanlife | Family camping

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kitchen& cooker

DIY Campervan Conversion Solution

• Aluminum doors on the sides and back

• Sink equipped with its own faucet

• Portable gas stove

• Generous storage capacity

• Separate water tanks, each holding 22 liters

• Sofa bed that can accommodate two adults, sized 120 cm x 175/190

• Child-friendly single bunk bed, measuring 70 x 120 cm and supporting up to 70 kg

• Optional shower unit with indoor or outdoor access to the shower head

kitchen& cooker

Aluminum Doors and Portable Gas Stove: Equipped with aluminum doors on the sides and back, along with a sink featuring its own faucet and a portable gas stove, ensuring convenience and functionality in outdoor cooking.

Generous Storage Capacity and Separate Water Tanks: Offers ample storage space and individual water tanks, each with a capacity of 22 liters, allowing for extended stays without compromising on essential supplies.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements: Features a sofa bed capable of accommodating two adults comfortably, along with a child-friendly single bunk bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for the entire family.

Optional Shower Unit: Provides the option for a shower unit, accessible both indoors and outdoors, adding convenience and flexibility to personal hygiene routines

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Modular Adaptability Campervan DIY

Modular Adaptability: With INNATURE RV Campervan Solution’s innovative system of adaptable, removable, and easy-to-assemble modules, you can transform your van into a comfortable home swiftly and effortlessly. This adaptable design allows for customization without the need for approval, making it a convenient option for van owners seeking versatility in their living space.

Fully Equipped Kitchen and Bathroom: The camperization includes a Kitchen-Bathroom module featuring a fully equipped kitchen with a sink equipped with its own faucet and ample storage capacity. This module also offers the option to add a shower unit, providing all the essential amenities for comfortable living on the road.

Generous Storage

Sleeping Arrangements: The living room-bedroom module provides versatile sleeping arrangements, including a sofa bed for two adults and a child-friendly bunk bed. This ensures accommodation for both adults and children, with the flexibility to expand the sleeping space as needed.

Generous Storage: INNATURE RV Campervan Solution offers generous storage capacity throughout its modules, allowing you to efficiently organize and store your belongings. From kitchen essentials to personal items, there’s ample space to keep everything tidy and easily accessible during your travels

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So Easy Installation and Legal Compliance

Easy Installation and Legal Compliance: The camperization solution by INNATURE RV Campervan Solution is designed for easy installation, requiring no permanent modifications to the van’s structure. The modules are supported within the van’s box using approved slings, ensuring legal compliance while providing a secure and stable living space on the go

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