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Outside kitchen | Queen size bed | Off-Road Chassis

mini 2d rv
kitchen& cooker

Black Rhino MINI 2D Off-Road Caravan

Rugged Design: The Black Rhino MINI 2D off-road RV camper trailer is purpose-built for rugged adventures, featuring a heavy-duty look and flat standing fenders for durability.


Family-Friendly: Designed for family adventures, this camper accommodates up to 4 sleepers, providing ample space and comfort for memorable journeys.


Teardrop Style Adventure: Experience the freedom of teardrop style adventures with this compact camper, perfect for those seeking a big escape in a stylish and efficient package.


Lightweight Towing: Weighing only 1,525 lbs, this camper is towable by most small SUVs and vans, offering convenience and accessibility for a wide range of vehicles.


Versatile Configuration: The camper’s configuration includes a range of features like a refrigerator, TV, LED lighting, electric brake system, ventilation fan, AC, Fusion MP3 player, and solar panels, catering to diverse camping needs.

kitchen& cooker

Compact Adventure Hub: The Black Rhino MINI 2D is a rugged and family-friendly off-road camper designed for those who crave teardrop style adventures. Weighing just 1,525 lbs, it’s effortlessly towable by a range of vehicles, offering a compact yet versatile camping experience.

Tailored Comfort: With a thoughtful design for family use, this camper boasts a U-shaped sofa, a manual lift table, and sleeping space for up to 4 people. The interior is a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration.Off-Road Excellence: Beyond its stylish exterior, the camper excels off-road with features like a roof rack, adjustable rear storage, and LED lights, providing excellent functionality and durability in challenging terrains.

Detailed description

mini rv mini 2d
Model Overview

Family-Focused Design: The Black Rhino MINI 2D is engineered with families in mind, offering a balance of rugged durability and family-friendly features. With the capacity to sleep up to 4 people, it becomes a cozy haven for shared adventures.

Model Details

Effortless Towing: Weighing in at just 1,525 lbs, this camper redefines convenience. It’s lightweight and compact, making it towable by most small SUVs and vans, ensuring that your journey begins with ease and accessibility.

Versatile Interior Configuration: Step inside to discover a thoughtfully designed interior with a U-shaped sofa that can be configured in various ways, providing adaptable living space. The manual lift table adds versatility, creating a dining area or additional sleeping space as needed.

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inside mini2d mini RV
Model Advantages

Off-Road Ready Features: Elevate your off-road experience with the camper’s outstanding features. From a roof rack and adjustable rear storage to optional accessories like a front tool box or spare wheel rack, it’s equipped to handle the demands of rugged exploration.Ceiling Height Upgrade: Experience a sense of spaciousness with an additional 5′ of ceiling height headroom. This upgrade not only enhances comfort but also allows for practical use, accommodating gear on flat wheel wells that hold over 350 lbs – perfect for loading kayaks, roof boxes, or even roof tents with the optional roof rack supporting up to 350 lbs.

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