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Hard shell roof accessories

Here is the translation of the accessories commonly found with hard-shell rooftop tents into English:

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A ladder is a crucial tool for accessing and exiting the rooftop tent. They are typically extendable to accommodate different vehicle heights and angles.

Built-in Mattress:

Some hard-shell rooftop tents come with built-in mattresses, providing a comfortable sleeping space. These mattresses are often designed to match the shape of the rooftop tent for maximum space utilization.

Interior Lighting:

To provide illumination during the night, some rooftop tents are equipped with interior lighting systems. These systems can be powered by batteries or solar energy.


Some hard-shell rooftop tents feature built-in skylights, offering more natural light and ventilation.

Hooks and Storage Pockets:

For convenient storage of items, rooftop tents typically have hooks and storage pockets inside.


An annex is an external attachment connected to the bottom of the rooftop tent, providing additional shade space or serving as a resting area. They are often used to store shoes, cooking utensils, or other camping gear.

Awning and Side Panels:

These accessories can be attached to the rooftop tent, offering extra shade and protection against rain and wind.

Fans and Ventilation Ports:

To enhance ventilation, some hard-shell rooftop tents come equipped with fans and ventilation ports, helping to maintain comfort in hot weather.

Solar Panels:

Solar panels can be mounted on the rooftop tent to power internal devices such as lighting, charging equipment, or refrigerators.

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These accessories can be selected based on your needs and camping style. Some rooftop tent brands also offer customization options to meet specific requirements. When purchasing or installing these accessories, make sure they are compatible with your rooftop tent and follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and recommendations.

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